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Pisalnica - Regulus Black ~ In too deep

Regulus Black ~ In too deep

To je kratka zgodbica v angleščini narejena po pesmi In too deep skupine Why don't we in upam, da bo naredila padlemu junaku justice.

Even though he was sinking and couldn't breathe, he was forced to live. Feelings started to make him feel overwhelmed, but he wasn't sure if he wanted them to go away. At least he knew that he was in too deep. In the back of his mind, he was sure he could hear her singing and taking him even deeper. He closed his eyes and relaxed, memories coming back in quick flashes. Just like watching 3D movies.

He saw himself sticking out a hand to her on the first night. She took it and smiled his way. "Lora." she introduced herself. He heard himself compliment her and answer with his name. She smiled and tucked strand of hair that slipped on her face behind her ear. He offered her a charismatic smirk and she looked at him as if she was annoyed but was obviously only half serious before she laughed. Her shoulders shook along, and he found himself laughing as well because of her laughter that seemed to influence others around her.

Next time, he saw her and him holding hands and leaning into each other while staring at the sun setting into the gentle waves that seemed to play in the light wind. He could hear himself mutter: "It's almost as perfect as you." Lora smiled and lightly punched him on the shoulder and say back with an infectious smile: "Oh, you."

The next thing he knew he saw them in a café, himself passing her a beautiful red rose, and being as cliché as ever. He couldn't be angry at himself for picking this exact color. It didn't occur to him that the color represented danger. And it didn't occur to him that when she looked at him, there wasn't just surprise on her face but also something deeper. And now he was fairly sure she decided that the color is going to represent their relationship in the future.

As if asking for this the next flashback was one of their many fights that followed. He could feel anger radiating around them. Lora was screaming on top of her lungs, and he was sure that if he were to listen to her and try talking calmly, they could cool the matter down. But at that moment he did the exact opposite and soon the yelling was over the roof and his heart ached a bit more than it already was. He felt ashamed of his reaction. He was sorry for the fight that had to resolve in Lora taking her things and fleeing out.

The scene shifted again and this time he could see himself trying to get to talk to her, knowing that he had hurt her. He was trying not to feel too anxious or hysterical but his will was getting beaten too.

The flashbacks ended after that one and he felt relieved. That was until he heard her voice getting stronger and it started pulling him down. He couldn't see very well but after a few moments he saw a glittering reflection of Lora smiling and waving at him. With no remorse he started swimming towards her, tears of happiness mixing with water all around him. He wasn't sure why the voice didn't seem to have a reflection too and why it was around her that the voice seemed to come from, but he didn't care, and he didn't want anybody making him swim in the opposite direction. He was confused as he didn't die yet but even without breathing, he seemed to live just fine.

When he reached her, he took a second to ensure she really was there and then engulfed her in a bone – crushing hug. He couldn't talk but the moment he pressed his lips to hers air seemed to suddenly rush at him with pressure that could push him off a cliff. But as long as she was right next to him he didn't mind staying there and breathing easily as she was the one that filled him with love and gave him enough air to finally breathe.

In, kaj mislite? Več takih kratkih zgodbic bom objavila vsake toliko, tako da lahko rečem da pišem vmes. Upam da ste uživali in mi boste sporočili svoje mnenje v komentarjih!

~Z ljubeznijo, Raven

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